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Researching Suppliers in the Supply Chain

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There are very many reliable suppliers globally for a variety of products across market niches. Researching suppliers in the supply chain is simply a matter of developing relationships, the TRUST factor is very important here. The old saying trust but verify is always a good approach. During relationship building, it’s important to identify one person as your contact person in the organization.

As you may know, with all the latest technology available, language differences are no longer a major barrier. You can use translators to send and receive emails and texts and of course use the Internet to get valuable information on organizations, reputations, products, services.

Some marketplaces or sourcing companies rate vendors supplying the B2B and B2C markets. These ratings are not always a hundred percent reliable, but they can be used as a guide to distinguish under-performing suppliers in the marketplace.

It is always a good idea to request samples or purchase products from suppliers you might want to do business.  Examine their operations, shipping times and customer service. This will give you a sense of shipping times/cost, quality of products, response time to inquiries, pricing. We have developed great relationships with many suppliers over time using these simple approaches and feel comfortable when doing business with them.

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